Who We Are

SAGARMATHA EXPRESS is a brokerage company. It is a family-owned business. Before starting Sagarmatha Express in Michigan, our CEO was working with the food-producing company on a daily basis. His dedicated leadership and customer service experience in creating a common goal of business growth and treating everyone with respect, dignity, and integrity drove him to the establishment of his new company, Sagarmatha Express.

The Freight

The transportation industry in general and the trucking industry specifically, are critical to the economic and social survival of local communities, the country, and indeed, to the entire world. Think about the times major transportation systems have failed because of mechanical problems, natural disasters, or labor conflicts, when cargo can’t move the repercussions are serious and widespread. Store shelves are emptied, perishable goods spoil, factories are shut down, workers are left idle the list goes on. We believe in service motive, provide customers with advantage and build lasting relationships in the process.

Why choose us?

  1. The accessible and responsive customer service team
  2. Industry-specific expertise and specialized freight
  3. Expert issue management and reliable dual-method communication
  4. Qualified network of trusted carriers with national reach
  5. Fast and accurate shipments delivered on time
  6. Support for a variety of shipment modes
  7. Timely in-transit tracking, reporting, and updates
  8. Dependable shipment delivery confirmation