About Us

Who We Are

SAGARMATHA EXPRESS is a brokerage company. It is a family-owned business. Before starting Sagarmatha Express in Michigan, our CEO was working with the food-producing company on a daily basis. His dedicated leadership and customer service experience in creating a common goal of business growth and treating everyone with respect, dignity, and integrity drove him to the establishment of his new company, Sagarmatha Express.

Our Core Values

To provide exceptional service to all our partners with the spirit of family members.

Protection Policy

We are bonded and insured with extra protection, just in case something unforeseen happens. Even though our network of carriers is required to have current and valid cargo and liability insurance, we provide another blanket of coverage to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

On Time

Time is crucial in today’s age and we understand this. That is why we focus on time and efficiency.



Whether you need shipment assistance from time to time or on a daily basis, we can help you find professional carriers who will transport your freight safely and efficiently.

Carrier Network

If you run a trucking company, contact us for our list of loads and the business opportunities we have for you. No matter where you are located, we have full truck and LTL loads for you.

Our History

Hari Pokhrel is a go-to person, a dedicated community volunteer, one of the emerging entrepreneurs, and a well-experienced man of business strategies. He is the CEO, Founder, and Owner of Sagarmatha Empress. He has leadership qualities, extreme ownership, and profound professional capacities as CEO (SE, MI, USA), Director (NSM, MI, USA), Principal & Founder (PEBS, Nepal), Project Manager (Paradise Farm, MI, USA), Agency Manager (NHCS, MI, USA), University/College Professor (Nepal), Quality Auditor (MI, USA), Refugee Adult Counsellor (Nepal, under UNHCR), English Teacher (Nepal, under UNHCR), Pro Interpreter (Self-employed, MI, USA) and Active Community Leader (BNSC, MI, USA). His professional advocacy is appreciated well. He is a source of inspiration for life and work.

Born in Bhutan(1977), lived as a Refugee in Nepal for a period of 22 years, and immigrated to the USA in 2015 for the family’s better future. Hari is very much a family-oriented person with a vision in mindset as Family First in his business circles.  He is a good husband and responsible father of four children.  He is simple, helpful, and hardworking.  Now he is fully committed to supporting and helping many families in making a difference in life through employment opportunities at Sagarmatha Express.

 By virtue of genuine nature and a great sense of humanity, Hari has widely envisioned mutual financial growth through his Sagarmatha Express. All team members at Sagarmatha Express are professional, well trained, incredibly supportive, and can provide the best services to valued customers and agents. 

Sagarmatha Express is here for you and your family to meet the needs unmet and left behind in this business sector.

 You are warmly welcome to Sagarmatha Express for business collaboration and partnership for a common purpose in many ways. We can work together. We can live together. We can grow stronger together. He believes “teamwork makes dream-work”

Happy Family!

Why choose us?

  1. The accessible and responsive customer service team
  2. Industry-specific expertise and specialized freight
  3. Expert issue management and reliable dual-method communication
  4. Qualified network of trusted carriers with national reach
  5. Fast and accurate shipments delivered on time
  6. Support for a variety of shipment modes
  7. Timely in-transit tracking, reporting, and updates
  8. Dependable shipment delivery confirmation